5 Christian Youtubers you should definitely check out

If you’re like me and you find yourself spending a ridiculous amount of time scouring the internet, especially youtube (can you blame me?! there is a video on literally e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!) then you may have stumbled across a number of these youtubers. The youtube community is a fast-growing one and there are some awesome individuals out there who are shining their lights so brightly through this video-sharing platform. If you ever find yourself bored or just need to hear some encouraging words, then definitely check out any (or all) of these amazing people.

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1 Simply Feli

One of my personal favourites, Feli is a recent UKC graduate (whoop!) she shares a little bit about her student journey and gives advice to help other students on their Christian walk. What I love about Feli is her passion; watch any one of her videos and you will understand . My girl is ON FIRE for Christ and it’s inspiring! But she’s also very real and honest. There’s people out there who seem to breezing through their Christian walks and they’re trying to give you advice but you can’t rely connect with them like THAT because they only share the highlights, but Feli is very honest in discussing areas she’s personally struggling/struggled with and giving advice based on the lessons she’s learnt. I really applaud her for discussing topics that are naturally shied away from by the church (and Christian community in general to be honest) such as sex and secular entertainment. I could go on forever about her but if you want someone relatable and honest, then Feli’s your girl.

2 Earl Blackman

Earl is basically like your favourite youth pastor at church. Super funny and relatable but he also keeps it real. Not to mention he has his beard game on lock! He has some really good videos on relationships, singleness and finding your purpose in Christ. He’s also a pastor at his own church, so you can find snippets of some of his sermons as well; I’d recommend all of these videos because Earl can break down Bible verses in a way that will leave you a little bit mind-blown. No doubt, the Holy Spirit is doing something incredible through him.

3 Heather Lindsey

Now if you don’t know Heather Lindsey, then you probably live under a HUGE rock you’ve honestly just been missing out. Founder of Pinky Promises. Author. Mother. All round awesome woman of God. That’s Heather in a nutshell. Okay, technically, Heather is not a youtuber, you can find majority of her content on her blog (heatherllindsey.com), or buy any one of her awesome books but she does monthly google hangout sessions where she addresses various topics and these are all on her Youtube channel. Now the thing I LOVE about Heather is the strong conviction in all her messages. I think this comes from the fact that she’s experienced a lot of the situations and emotions that young people go through. She’s been through her fair share of empty relationships and periods of uncertainty over her purpose in Christ and is  a living testimony that waiting on God is truly the best thing. Her videos usually take the format of 30 minutes of preaching and 30 minutes of answering questions from viewers – about an hour in total – so you’ll definitely need to carve out time to watch but it is totally worth it! I promise.

4 Toure Roberts

Another personal favourite of mine and it’s not just because he’s married to the equally awesome Sarah Jakes (yes, she is one of the offspring of T.D Jakes) . PT (I call him PT, I feel like I know him on those levels) isn’t a Youtuber either but he does have a channel where he posts sermons from services at his church (One Church, LA). Like Heather, you’re looking at a good 40 minutes to an hour for these vids so you may also need to set some time out. If you can’t make church, definitely check out his channel for that Sunday message. He knows how to connect with his audience on another level. Have you ever heard someone preach so well you feel the message in your spirit? Yeah PT does that. He’s THAT good.

P.S this sermon right here is EVERYTHING!

5 Simisola

I’d recommend Simisola if you’re looking for content that explains what the courtship and marriage stage of a relationship should be like. She discusses waiting for God’s best and challenges some misconceptions society would have us believe on the purpose of relationships, amongst other things. As a young person, her content will be relevant to you at some point. Whether you’re single, dating or in a ‘situationship’, it’s important to be grounded in the principles she talks about in order to flourish  in your relationship the way God intended.

Swap your Love and Hip Hop/Real Housewives of Atlanta/ Scandal/Eastenders time for one of these and be blessed!

There are SO many wonderful Youtubers out there and this post does not even begin to scratch the surface but stay tuned for future updates on this page on more awesome content from around the web.

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Ayomide Akin-Oteniya

Ayo is Editor-In-Chief of Lively Stones UK. She is a 22 year old graduate from the University of Kent. She is passionate about young people; encouraging them to live out their God-given purpose and bringing them together in order to celebrate talents and gifts. She is also a big advocate of encouraging young women to find and walk in their identities in Christ.


  1. Jen
    27/02/2017 at 2:13 pm — Reply

    Do you have any YouTube recommendations for my 10 year old daughter? I can find loads of Christian teen channels, but nothing for her age group.

    Thanks for your help!

    • mm
      28/02/2017 at 7:38 pm — Reply

      Hi Jen! Check out Hilltop City Life Christian Channel, they have some fun and interactive videos on a range of topics for the younger ones. Also check out the Holy Tales Bible channel which includes animated cartoon stories of the different books in the Bible.

      I hope you find them useful!

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