5 Reasons You Should Attend MIH17

Lively Stones annual networking and seminar event for young Christians is taking place on the 18th of November.

This event provides an opportunity to learn, connect and grow.  The aim is to help young Christians become more influential in their community and realise how to use what is within and around to make positive impact.

This is our second conference and just in case you are still undecided about whether or not to attend, here are 5 reasons you should be there.

1, Learn– Learning is an essential requirement for growth. Our speakers and panelists will be sharing practical tips & insights on personal development, understanding our identity as Christians, business and personal finance amongst others. These topics will cover how to be more influential and how to make positive influence in our society.

We have an exciting line up of speakers which includes :
The  Director of UKStartUp, the UK’s largest digital network for startups and small businesses that provides support and resources to start-ups and pre-start individuals across the UK, through all things digital.
Founder and CEO of the the first 100% independently funded news network for millennial in the UK. The network recently completed a fundraising campaign where they raised over £50,000 in 50 days with the support of over 500 people.
Member of Parliament and other absolutely amazing people.


2, Network– Building relationships, beyond the surface level, based on sharing and learning is key.   Your network is your net worth after all, but this net worth is only valuable if you take on opportunities to engage with the network.

This event is an opportunity to network and connect with like minded people from various fields. This opportunity to network last year provided attendees with the opportunity to collaborate on different projects, gain employment, and form partnerships. Who knows what you will get out of the networking event this year!

3, Win– In addition to learning and meeting new people, you also stand a chance to win fantastic prizes by taking part in our raffle draw. Money from this raffle draw will go towards supporting other young people doing amazing things in the Christian community. Last year, winners won different prizes including a free app design from Quadrithm. What would you like to win this year?


4, Vendor Pass– One of the highlights of this event  is promoting and supporting other businesses. One of the ways we do this is through our vendor pass. The pass gives you an individualised table set up throughout the event to display and sell your product/service, connect with 100+ participants, and promote your brand. Last year we only had stands for food vendors. This year we are opening it up to businesses from various fields.

5, If you are not already convinced, here are reviews from last year.

I like how the event hosted young people who were doing well, and supported other businesses.’’

The most memorable lesson to this day is that “I am the Brand”. I had never understood that concept before until it was explained at the event. As a brand we were told how to behave, what to engage with and post on social media in order to give a certain image of the brand that we are.’’-Milca

I just want to extend a huge thanks to Lively Stones again for organising Make It Happen. I really made it my mission to seize that opportunity to network and build connections. As a result, I’ve been offered a year long internship by one of the businesses that participated in the event.’’ Adama

The speakers! Gosh, I learnt so much and they were very engaging. The foooooddddd, price was right and everything was delicious. The games/ice breakers at the beginning were great as well.’’

I specifically liked the range of speakers that came, some were young and could connect with the students and some others were a bit older with more experience and knowledge’’-Isio

The event was organised with excellence and  I really enjoyed networking with young believers.’’-Becky

The fact that there was a lot of time to interact and talk to people. It was a proper networking event and there was so much to learn from it. Also, it wasn’t particularly about God but it somehow went back to God and I personally know some people that started to take their relationship with God more seriously. Also there were a lot of businesses involved and the speakers were spot on.’’-Temi

I attended ‘Make it Happen’ last year and gained so much insight and left feeling inspired. This is so much more than a networking event, but also a unique opportunity to learn and connect with likeminded individuals.’’

We would really love to have you at this event, so without wasting any more time, make sure you buy your ticket and invite your friends.

Interested in volunteering, sponsoring or promoting your business at this event? Follow us and contact us on any of  our social platforms; FacebookTwitter and Instagram or send us an email at .

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Yemisi Ajeojo

Yemisi is the founder and director of Lively Stones UK. She is a 21 years old aspiring social entrepreneur and graduate of Accounting for management from Aston University. She is a living testimony of how much God's love can transform a person.
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