Dear Creative – Letter from Ore Mac for ‘I Am a Creative’ series

Dear Creative,

You are both a beautiful masterpiece and a work in progress.
God’s elect and craftsman.

I opened with this identity statement because I believe it is one truth often lost sight of, a truth often returned to us skewed thus impacting how we see ourselves, what we do and even how we do it. Whether you bend words or strum a guitar, whether you brush things into reality or colour us a dream, your craft contains a part of you however minute. For that reason, it is important to see ourselves right through God’s sight and He sees us beyond our creativity. It is only a fragment of our person. So dear creative, there is more to you than your craft, the failures, and achievements that come with it. First and foremost we are children of God partnering with the greatest Creator in His bid to reveal Himself to this world. We are eternally loved and deemed perfect. This is who we are. Let us not lose sight of this truth. Let this perspective guide us as we create with the Creator for His glory.

It is important we see ourselves through God’s sight and He sees us beyond our creativity

Creating often involves the job of adequately and accurately expressing loose ideas and turning the intangible into something tangible.
A job that increases in risk when reminded of the responsibility we ought to bear and owe to our audience of one or a thousand for the content or craft we put out. A job with an uncompromising standard set by Christ. Sometimes we do well at this job, sometimes we don’t and that disappointment weighs on us. Dear creative, be reminded you are a work in progress. Dream again and put those hands to good use once more. Plot again and get back on your creative process. Your work was turned down or you felt like you could have given more? Alright, it’s a good thing you are more than your work or that letdown. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes as humans and I believe creatives especially because we’re very much invested but be kind to yourself in speech and mind. Don’t give up on yourself. I know the bin is full of crumpled papers and your phone of unfinished notes but try and then try again.

Dear creative, there is more to you than your craft

Being a work in progress equates to intentional growth.
Dear creative, it is important to invest in your craft. Read on your craft, learn from others and seek ways to be excellent at what you do. The quality of your work matters not just your work. How you do what you do ought to reflect the excellent nature of God amidst other characteristics. Our work is worship unto God and He is very much interested in how we uphold our side of this partnership. God requires and deserves quality worship, thus obedience to Him matters. The message God desires to pass across is too crucial for it to be misunderstood or remain undelivered because the partner on this side failed to do what was necessary, let fear get in the way or compromised the standard.


Dear creative, do not compromise.
Do not compromise on the creative process. It’s crucial that we’re not running a sole proprietorship on what should be a partnership between us and God. For whatever tempting reason, the vision of God expressed through you should not be compromised. If God desires to reveal Jesus as the Lion and the Lamb through your artwork or calligraphy and you adjust this vision to only accommodate the ‘more welcomed’ message of Jesus as the Lamb, that is what compromise looks like for example. Embracing more of the world and leaving out the word of God, that is another example. Don’t leave out the name of Jesus for more sales or plays on the radio. Also, as a channel, we must stay rooted in Christ so we’re not compromised ourselves as vessels. Remaining useful vessels of honour in His hand is the aim. Maintain the standard even when you collaborate with others. Be mindful that your collaborations don’t leave you with a watered-down version of the ‘truth ‘or a compromised identity and image that detracts from the truth of Christ.

Don’t leave out the name of Jesus for more sales or plays on the radio

Collaboration, not competition or comparison.
Creativity is so dynamic and particular at the same time; no expression is the exact same. Rather than compare your distinct sound to another, pick up useful tips from their work with due reference, create your signature mark and focus on being a better you today in all areas than you were yesterday.


Dear Creative, stay away from the trap called ‘the comfort zone’.
Most times, it is the bar of fear that keeps us in there. I admit, it is scary opening yourself up like that but know this, playing it safe is not a better disposition. Additionally, don’t fall into the trap of just creating. If you’re partnering with God, there’s always a vision and aim to be achieved. Lives to be impacted, truth to reveal and remind people of, hope and love to be awakened. Everything God created He judged based on its purpose and declared it good. At the end of our creative processes, I hope we can all say the same. Furthermore, do not neglect your need to be transformed at the expense of pouring into others. Stay rooted in Christ, planted in the body of Christ, dependent on God as your source not for those waiting for your next post but for your survival.


Finally, everyone is a creative in some form or shape.
Within us all is the capacity to create like our Father the greatest Creator. There is so much to explore within the span of the Creator’s dictates that there’s room for us all.

My prayer is that we keep partnering with God as His children to spread His truth, light and love in quality of worship and to His taste in Jesus name. Amen!

With love,
Ore Mac

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