Fundraising: Self Funded At 21

Help Christiana Adekunle raise money for her tuition fee.  She has launched a  fundraising page to raise fund for her uni fees as she is not entitled to student loan or finance. She is currently in a situation where she needs your help.

I have completed 2 years of my three-year programme and am now waiting to start my final year in September. With fees at £9710 a year, it has been a huge struggle finding the money to get this far, whilst also working zero hours contracts and juggling university work. I spent a couple of months prior to starting the course trying to piece together cash and applying for scholarships. I have applied twice for article 21 scholarship and have been refused on both occasions, and I am not eligible to get student loan and student finance due to my status in the country. Unfortunately, due to the rigorous time at school and work, I found myself out of work (with no notice) over the summer of 2017.This has caused a major setback regarding paying for my fees for this year as I was required to put some of the funding I’d received towards assisting my parents with living expenses and utility bills. Since becoming a student and requiring part time work to sustain myself, I have been forced to work as “self-employed”. I am currently running a design business, creating graphic content such as logos, flyers, posters, much more. However, the income receive from the business only plays a small part in clearing my outstanding fees.

Read more of her story HERE. Nothing is too big or too small to donate. Whether or not you are able to donate, make sure to support Christiana by sharing this campaign with #Selffundedat21

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