My dancing is an expression of the words I struggle to articulate – Makaita Kanyuchi ‘I am a creative’ series

From a young age, I remember just wanting to dance. It was something that made me feel good and it wasn’t hard for me at all, I didn’t realise then that it was a gift that God had given to me. As I got older I noticed that people actually thought I was a good dancer, and that also gave me confidence to keep pursuing dance. I had no real reason as to why I pursued it so much except for the fact that I knew I was a talented dancer and it made me happy.

Before I came to Christ, there was a period of time where I tried to use my talent as a way of making money and becoming a popular dancer in the entertainment industry. The kind of expressions that were required for the particular genre of music I danced to at the time were very provocative and drew a lot of attention to my body but not for the right reasons. And I soon started dancing for approval and male attention. So my motivation for dancing was no longer because it felt good but because I knew guys would watch me and lust over me.

When I gave my life to Christ, one of the first things I felt was a strong conviction in the area of dance and I stopped dancing completely and that made me miserable. But as I began to grow in Christ, I realised that it was God who had given me the ability to dance and it was to be used to glorify Him. Keeping it to myself would have been a very selfish thing to do and it would have robbed me of an aspect of my personality and who God created me to be. So I made the decision to use my talent for the glory of God.

There’s a quote by Leo Buscaglia that reads ” Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” I love this quote because it truly gives the reason as to why I dance with such passion for God.

When I dance I feel like I can really express the words that I struggle to articulate. The moves become an expression of the emotions and the energy that I feel inside of me. It frees me to be able to communicate with God in a way that’s deeper than words. I feel like at that moment, my entire being is worshiping or praising God, and not just the words coming out of my mouth. Because of that reason, I like to move in a way that personifies the words in the song that I may be dancing to, so that it has real meaning.

I thank God for giving me such a gift, and one that He is teaching me to use as another way in which I can worship Him.

Makaita Kanyuchi, is a second year pharmacy student at Aston University. She is also the president of a campus fellowship  called Radical Youth. She has a passion for dance and healthy eating.

‘I am a creative’ series aims to challenge the pre-conceived idea of being a ‘creative’ through various content and interviews with young talented individuals. We showcase the different ways that creativity can be expressed whilst promoting and celebrating what creatives are doing. We discuss topics affecting young creatives and challenge people to identify and express the creative nature within them even in unconventional and counter cultural ways.

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Yemisi Ajeojo

Yemisi is the founder and director of Lively Stones UK. She is a 21 years old aspiring social entrepreneur and graduate of Accounting for management from Aston University. She is a living testimony of how much God's love can transform a person.
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