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Soul beauty series:

Insecurities start early

Insecurities: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

I’ll be transparent with you guys and share something that may or may not shock you! (Fyi: I’m 19 years old.) When I was in primary school, I’m not sure the exact age… but at some age under 10 years old, I didn’t like my hair and I felt so self-conscious about it that one morning, after I got dropped of at school, I went and hid in the toilets and missed some of my lessons… (but I remember, I eventually got too bored so ended up coming out lol) then I went to my lessons and no one even cared. The story might sound a little funny to begin with, however, this just goes to show how beauty can affect us from very young, not just when we become teenagers.

On the surface, this may appear as just a little girl fussing over her hair, no big deal… right? But looking deeper, this was the way that my mindset had begun forming… I was already identifying with my physical appearance. Fears about the way I looked had impacted me to the extent of avoiding people. At that age. Anyways, enough about younger me…

You may have your own memories when you have felt insecure from your own childhood. And sometimes we dismiss these things and think they are silly just because we were young. But, at that point in time, your younger self was genuinely unhappy or distressed about some feature or part of your body. This may even be the first time that you experienced insecurity! So, it’s important and it does matter because whatever experience you had back then has shaped some of your self-image and can still be impacting how you see yourself today!

I encourage you to look back and assess your past ideas and thoughts about yourself from as young as you can remember and re-consider if those thoughts and beliefs you formed (when you weren’t as mature as you are now) about your physical appearance and even who you are as person are rational, reasonable or even true!

Here’s some light and lurrrrve for you…

Your soul is not visible in the same way that your physical body is to those around you. So it’s easy to identify yourself with your exterior and looks. But, the real part of you, the inside is what matters the most! Your body and face will keep changing during your lifetime and your soul will always remain inside throughout all these changes. Meaning that who we are, within is the main part of ourselves that we should focus on. And as we take time to edify ourselves inwardly, our inner beauty will inevitably radiate outwardly!

‘But the LORD said to Samuel, “Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.’ Proverbs 23:7

Listen up guys, our looks may seem like a big deal amongst peers or just people around us in general and especially in the media. But to God, our heart and inside is what He looks at! Thankfully, God doesn’t see things how we do, so we can find peace by knowing that to God, we don’t need to feel pressure to meet the beauty standards of the world, because our God looks beyond that!

Thank you for reading,

I hope you were blessed,

Until next time beautiful people!

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