An Interview with Taylor, Founder of Clarity Magazine

Taylor Satchell-Reid is the 22 year old Founder and Editor of Clarity Magazine. She grew up in Rugby and studied Magazine Journalism at Southampton Solent University.


Clarity is a new mag for young women that builds up its readers instead of tearing them down! We talk sex, beauty, career, world, health, relationships and more! Our team are working out our own issues in life alongside our readers as we challenge perceptions, reveal truth and release freedom!

 The idea behind Clarity and subsequent journey

I never expected to launch my own magazine. What I actually wanted to do was move to London and work for Men’s Health or a ‘foodie’ mag. However, an assignment during second year required us to pinpoint a gap in the market and create a magazine to fill the gap.  As a young Christian I realised that there was nothing our there to read that covered my real issues like what to do in my relationship, with my wardrobe or at the parties. I had nowhere to explore my faith in a way that was tailored to me as a young woman! This is where the idea of a magazine that builds women up and compliments faith came from.

Faith has been the whole fuel for the journey thus far. There were bound to be difficulties with finances and the quick deadlines. But when you have no money, no team and no idea how to reach the finish line, that’s when you learn how to depend on God!

 Most important lesson learnt

Your heart keeps vision alive. So often I get wrapped up in our sales, our social media or our writing – but really it’s about our readers. Those who need our support in living life to the full and understanding God. When we realign our heart to God’s we can see the real reasons to keep going!

As a young Christian, I realised there was nothing out there to read that covered real issues

 What Clarity hopes to achieve

There are two goals written on the hearts of our team: The first is to guide, encourage and nurture women on their walk through a pretty interesting stage of life. To talk about the taboo, the sensitive, and the everyday! The second is Salvation. My heart has always been to show those who think church is a cold, dying entity that Christians are still alive and kicking. To show that God is relevant, speaking and loving each and every woman our magazine reaches!

The process of creating a magazine issue from start to finish

First we have the pitches. Writers will brainstorm ideas and pitch them to me touching on topic, relevance, interviewees and more. Once decided, writers will prepare drafts while our sub-editors get ready to received the finished product! In month 2, our photographers and designers will begin to create the images, colours and designs that will bring the words (that are being sub-edited) to life! Month 3 is about pairing all of the above on a page to bring Clarity to you.

•  Addressing taboo topics like depression and mental health

We love to focus on the taboo. It’s also something we really think has been given too much ground in our lives. We need to take back control and take hold of the beauty life has to offer us.

•  On the importance of discussing controversial topics like slavery and human trafficking in the chocolate industry

Everyone is affected differently by different types of injustice around the world. While I am more affected by relational issues, many of our writers have a heart for the world and living in a responsible way. This is amazing! We want to challenge our readers to develop in all areas and it’s so important we challenge ourselves to be the best stewards and keepers of God’s creation.

A trip to Lusaka, Zambia and Vision of Hope

Zambia was incredible. I had the pleasure of travelling over with Mission Direct (check them out!) who had built wonderful buildings for those living in severe poverty. Schools, women’s centres, homes and more – we visited some of the most beautiful people in the world as they enjoyed the security and hope of new buildings and education. It’s hard to explain the complete contrast in lifestyle and thinking. The young women there are worried about being raped, starving or bleeding through their one pair of underwear. While we battle with the VAT added to our range of tampons…

• On her journey to Christ

I never thought I needed God. I was queen of my own life with sex, studying and social occasions being my everything. It was only when I went to church with my grandma that I got hooked on the teaching. I love to argue and debate but there was something undeniable about it! So I kept going and somehow, on a long winded journey I had a personal encounter with God and there was no going back! Of course it’s taken a while to re-shape some of my usual actions and outlooks but it’s been an amazing adventure!

It’s important that we challenge ourselves to be the best stewards and keepers of God’s creation

Being a Christian at University

It was confusing! Evangelising with tequila in hand, at the bar was an odd start. But finding a wonderful local church, learning and growing with my amazing family there made the journey so much easier!

• Future Plans

Take the media! We’re planning to start more frequent seminars and talks. To continue growing our readership! We’ve got contributions coming up with Premier Radio and some great festivals that we’ll be hosting spaces at! Honestly, my plan is to keep following God, saying yes to Him and seeing where that takes me!

•  Advice to young people looking to start their own venture

Make sure God is pushing this venture! Offer it to him and be bold. Someone once told me: “Don’t doubt your beliefs and don’t believe your doubts.” Words to live by…

To find out more about Clarity or order your copy of the latest issue, visit the website.

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