Obeying the leading and warnings of the Holy Spirit actually takes courage. Sometimes you may feel compelled to do or avoid doing certain things because God is being mindful of you.

Yes, it may be inconvenient and it may not make sense in that moment, but believe me, it would be foolish of you to go against the wisdom of God.

Remember that the Lord is all knowing and sees ahead of time. As your good shepherd, you can trust that He will lead you onto the right path. It’s now left for you to obey, because you really don’t know what He is trying to protect you from.

Something like this happened to me yesterday.

Around 11pm last night as I got ready to sleep, I was extremely anxious and I didn’t feel safe at all. I then had a strong impression to go downstairs and check all the locks. My parents religiously do all the safety checks before we sleep, so in my mind it was pointless and I thought that maybe I was overreacting. After spending time trying to rationalize it, I still had no peace so I obeyed and went downstairs.

As I got downstairs and double checked all the locks and bolts, I found not one but TWO windows open on the ground level – two points of entry for opportunists or criminals – and I quickly secured them shut.

My heart that was previously beating rapidly before became still. I prayed and worshipped God because then I knew it was His voice that I had heard. The peace I received in that moment was UNEXPLAINABLE and God assured me that my going downstairs was not in vain.

This may seem like a minor thing, but believe me, only God himself knows what he protected my family and I from last night.

After that, I went upstairs and slept like a baby, I even woke up today because the Lord sustained me.

Courage is what we must pray for, and obedience is what we must demonstrate at any given opportunity. Even when we don’t understand.

Psalm 91


Joanne Olayinka Adeluola

Joanne is a 21 year old Chemistry student at the University of Birmingham. She is a disciple of Christ and a lover of God’s word. She has a desire to inspire her generation to grow in love, walk in holiness and build godly character.

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    This read was an encouragement, thank you.

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