Make It Happen 2017 (An event to learn, connect and promote your craft.)

The big question for young people has always been ‘what have you got in your hands?’. Despite the fact that young people are making huge strides and giant leaps in different spheres, there’s more work to be done.

As a platform poised with creating opportunities for young people to stand out and set a standard in their individual pursuits, Lively Stones UK created an annual event – ‘Make it Happen’ for young people to learn, network, collaborate and become more influential.

Our debut event in Birmingham last year had close to a hundred students from different cities and background in attendance and the results were simply stunning. The speakers shared a lot of practical experience and tips and we had young people engage their ideas creatively, new business partnerships formed, and many others left the room inspired and equipped to take on new opportunities.

How can young people understand purpose? Why are we here, how can we groom enterprise relevant skills, how can we begin to take advantage of opportunities to grow potential, ignite creativity and transform our skills with the resources around us to drive profitability and societal impact? These and more are the questions this year’s Make It Happen event seeks to answer.

So, make it a date with us in Central London (More details coming soon) on the 18th of November, 2017, as we bring you a packed event line up designed to answer your questions. It is our belief that progress only happens when creative minds come together to ‘Make it Happen’.

This year’s event will feature seasoned interactive sessions and panel discussions hosted by insightful speakers sharing their journey, knowledge and experiences.

Are you young and willing to take the next step to grow potential and ‘Make It Happen’? Then this event is for you, get your tickets below.


Every year at Make it Happen, we raise money  for projects or organizations making a positive impact in the lives of young people in the UK. Last year we supported Our God Given Mission. This year, through the raffle draw where you will get a chance to win fantastic prizes, we will be raising money to support the #2by2 project which encourages and helps young people to find prayer and bible study partners.

Interested in volunteering, sponsoring or promoting your business at this event? Follow us on our social platforms; FacebookTwitter and Instagram or send us an email at . We look forward to having you!


Tomi Arayomi: Tomi  is a well recognised speaker, author and the founder of RIG Nation- An online mission that seeks to restore the ability to hear the voice of God to every person on every sphere of influence. Tomi will teach us how about who we really are, and help us to understand what we are on earth for. Without an understanding of our purpose and identity, we cannot have godly influence in our society.

Bukkie Smart: Ever wondered how to manage your spending better? Or looking for better ways to save – and actually stick to it? Or have you thought about investing recently but you’re not even sure where to start from? If you’re nodding your head at any one of these then you’d love to meet Bukiie Smart. She’s the founder of – a personal finance platform helping millennials improve their saving, manage their spending and invest wisely. Her approach is sharing her experiences with personal finance, tips and guides on living your best life – everyday.

Jenna Davis:  Jen is a Law graduate who having delved further into her Christian faith, decided
to change paths into politics. Currently working for a Member of Parliament, she has also held various positions
within the Labour Party at regional & local levels. Recently elected on to BAME Labour’s executive committee, she is also a member of the Diverse Communities Advisory Board which advises the Shadow Secretary of State
for Women and Equalities on issues faced by minorities. Jen’s passions range from encouraging young people into politics, tackling racism, criminal justice reform, and raising awareness of sickle cell disease.

Giveaway Prizes includes:

  1. Hair do from Niyo Hair
  2. Photoshoot with Kreated by Keelie
  3. Worship flags from Nazir
  4. Free  makeover by Precious Touch 
  5. Gift Hamper from My favourite things
  6. Free VIP tickets worth £180 to Majestic AME Awards 2017
  7. £30 gift voucher from The Afrostylist
  8. Free Jewelry Set from Graced London
  9. Ticket(s) to  IGOGW18 with special guests like Karren Brady, Heather Lindsey and William Mcdowell

More prizes to be added soon….


  1. Paula Melissa Photography
  2. Nazir 
  3. Chids photography
  4. Kreated by Keelie
  5. PopnChop
  6. Quadrithm
  7. University Power Conference

More  to be added soon….

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Lively Stones is a platform by students for students.

We believe that our formative years spent at university shape and influence the rest of our lives, that’s why Lively Stones has positioned as a platform through which Christian students in the UK can collaborate, share their experience, connect with each other, build and transform their space.

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