#Myuniexperience by Anonymous.

”The morning after pill is usually less effective after 72 hours and is not 100% guaranteed to be effective. If you notice any odd symptoms in your body, you might have to get a pregnancy test done.’’

The woman’s voice floated in my head, it felt like a dream. I was sitting here opposite this nurse beside my sex partner and I might actually be pregnant.  All I was thinking about was how I had come to this place…What brought me here?

It was only my second month in university and I had already lost my virginity and was here asking for pills to prevent pregnancy. I felt ashamed, so ashamed.
My daughter, I dreamt that you went to the store to buy condoms. Please I need you to be very careful’ those were the words my mum said to me few days before I left for university.  I remember laughing. Yes, I laughed at that conversation. In my head, I was a super Christian. There was no way university life was going to make me buy condoms.superchristian

I really did see myself as a good Christian. I was part of the choir, was a Sunday school teacher, most of the young people in my age group looked up to me, I was greatly admired and  I was liked by everyone in my church.  So, when people tried to advise me about university life, I felt like whatever they were saying was not applicable to me. My mentor even called me and told me to make up my mind like Daniel did about what I was going to do or not do in university. I didn’t pay her any attention. I was going to university to get a first class, and nothing was going to distract me.

I felt like I was too strong of a Christians to be tempted.

I mean I could speak in tongues and hear from God. How many 17 year olds could do that? What could university possibly do to me?

Everything !

Few weeks after I came to university, I became too busy for God. I no longer had time to pray or study the word of God. I was slowly drifting away and I knew it, I mentioned it to a few people, but I wasn’t actively doing anything to go back to what my relationship with God used to be like before I came to university. I never went clubbing nor partying neither did I drink or smoke but I no longer had intimacy with God.
The only time I spent with God was when I went for campus fellowship meetings and church meetings but even then, I knew that wasn’t enough.


In my third week of university, I had a crush on this person. I had met him at one of the events on campus, and his image was always in my head. I can’t remember how we first spoke to each other, but we became friends and exchanged phone numbers. We started spending late nights together in my flat. Late nights led to sleep over and sleep over led to fondling and sexual intimacy.

The first time we had sex, there was no blood and because I had already told him that I was a virgin; he thought I had lied to him.

We had unprotected sex, and so I was scared. Very scared. I am the first child of my parents, I had a lot of people who looked up to me and so, I made up my mind that if I got pregnant, I was either going to abort it or kill myself.

Few hours after taking the morning after pill, I bled. I bled so heavily and it wasn’t even time for my period. Till this day I still wonder if that bleeding was a sign that I had just committed abortion.


To be continued… Read Part 2 HERE


By Anonymous.

*The author of this post wanted to be anonymous for reasons best known to her.

**Every part of this post is true although some names have been changed or removed to ensure anonymity.

***If you have any questions for the author of this post, please contact hello@livelystones.co.uk

We want to share your experiences with others so they can learn from you. Send your stories to support@livelystones.co.uk

We want to share your experiences with others so they can learn from you. Send your stories to support@livelystones.co.uk

Update by Yemisi Ajeojo (03/03/2016)

*I first shared this story  here on 09/09/2015 under the title of ‘anonymous’ for reasons already stated. During my prayer time on 03/03/2016, the Holy spirit told me to not hide under the name ‘anonymous’ anymore.  I am happy to discuss this story further and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for reading :)

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