New Series: I Am A Creative

At Lively Stones, we love to celebrate and highlight what young Christians are doing in their community. So far, our ‘Inspire’ section has featured and celebrated young people who are making a positive impact and stepping out of their comfort zones.

As Christians, we only need to look at our surroundings to know that we serve a creative God. If God created us in his image, then we are creative people.

We are often guilty of putting God in a box, that He only works in certain ways and through certain people. Even the word ‘creative’ has been put into a box. We think of ‘creative’ and automatically certain groups of people come to mind. We want to challenge this mindset by presenting to you real life Christian creatives and their wide-ranging personalities and crafts.

There is no gift or talent that God cannot use to his express his nature.

The ‘I am a creative’ series will showcase the different ways that creativity can be expressed whilst highlighting and celebrating what creatives are doing. Through this series, we will discuss various issues affecting young creatives. Every Monday for the next few weeks, we will release new content and introduce you to a range of young talents. One of our aim for this series is to challenge people to identify and express the creative nature within them in unique ways. 

If you would like to be part of this series either as a volunteer collecting stories or as a creative sharing your story please contact us via email (support@livelystones.co.uk) or on social media.

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