Photographers You Should Contact For Your Graduation Ceremony

 Lively Stones UK loves supporting Christian businesses, especially businesses owned by students. We are currently putting together lists of vendors students can contact during this graduation season. First on our list is Photographers.
Here are 7 photographers you should contact to cover your graduation.

1, Titan Photography- Owned by Daniel Adebayo. He describes photography as his passion, something that allows him to express creativity whilst meeting fantastic people.

Titan photographer is based in Birmingham, West Midlands. They place great importance on building a good rapport with their clients, which allows them to produce beautiful, natural-looking pictures.
Clients often commend the fun and un-obstructive way they approach things.

Contact Titan Photography If you require a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, birthday photographer, graduation ceremony photographer and events photographer at an affordable price. 

They currently have 10% off for new clients and are available in any location in the UK.


Website: www.titanphotography.co.uk   

Instagram: Titan Media UK


2, Olaoluwa Photography- Olaoluwa photography is owned by Olaoluwa Babasanya who is a student based in Birmingham. Olaoluwa photography was started in June 2015.  So far, they have collaborated with a lot of well-established photography companies, like Femi Onatuga, T.Philips, kazadi photography, Titan media and many more. In the near future they plan to increase the team, launch their website and introduce videography as one of their services. 

They offer a range of services that can be tailored to each client’s needs as well as cover events such as weddings, graduations, concerts, fashion, modelling and many more. 

Contact details:

Phone – 07789324090

Facebook – Olaoluwa Photography 

Instagram – Olaoluwa Photography

Email – olaoluwaphotography@gmail.com 

3, Paula Melissa Photography– Hear the story of Paula Melissa photography from the founder Paula Melissa

‘’I decided I wanted to become a photographer only a few months ago – on December the 11th to be exact. But I also realised that that wasn’t the first time I enjoyed photography. I always had. I just believed I wasn’t qualified to do it. But in December 2016 I decided to give it a try. A friend, who seemed to believe in me more than I believed in myself, asked me to take photos for her on her birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed fiddling with my camera settings, snapping away and making her look great through the lens. Soon after this, I made a photography Instagram (@PaulaMelissaPhotography) and began taking photos of anything and anyone that would let me. Now, I get regular photography jobs, usually through word of mouth. People enjoy working with me because I have fun taking my photos and so do the people I’m shooting with. I also operate on a policy where you do not have to pay me if you’re not completely happy with your photos – I believe in quality photography and so far no one has never been unhappy after their shoot! Since I come from an online content background, where I am used to being in front of the camera, I never thought I would enjoy being behind it so much. Now, I’m rarely ever seen without it. My major achievement so far includes taking photos of Misha B (singer on X Factor) which she shared on social media and being a freelancer for university (of Sheffield) event. I offer different services tailored to the client’s need. I am available in the following location London, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham.’’

Contact details:

Twitter – PaulaPaceSetter

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/paulamelissaphotography/
Email: mspaulamelissa@gmail.com

Website: https://paulapacesetter.com/

4, Beyond Sight Photography: Beyond Sight Photography is owned by Blessy Gassagara who is a graduate of Aston University. According to the founder,  the name ‘Beyond Sight’ symbolises something that is seen but is not perfectly in focus. Beyond Sight Photography captures moments that could have been easily missed. They showcased intimacy on another level and are able to create conversations with their pictures. Beyond Sight photography covers different events and activities in London and the West Midlands.

Contact details:
Email: beyondsightphotography@hotmail.

Instagram: Blessy_g

5, Ololade Bamigbade Photography–  Ololade Bamigbade Photography (soon to be Hidden Treasures Photography). According to the founder Ololade Bamigbade, the idea of turning her hobby to a business and even the name of the business came from Isaiah 45:3. The business has been in existence for almost a year now and they cover a range of services. Although the business is based in Wolverhampton, the photographer is willing to travel.

Contact details:

Facebook: Ololade Bamigbade Photography                       

Instagram: @Ololadebamigbade
Phone number: 07869717775

Email: ololadebamigbadephotography@gmail.com

6, Ebony Wilkey Production- Ebony Wilkey Production or EWP for short was launched in March 2017. EWP is not only about capturing the moment but about mentoring and empowering individuals, in the creative industry. Here the story behind the business from the founder Elizabeth Lawson.

”I started EWP because I have been taking pictures and also been interested in the creative industry for about 7 years now. When I started taking pictures I found it hard to find internships and other photographers to shadow. Also because of the level of competition in the industry, it was hard to find my own image and create a niche brand.

Over the year’s I have had opportunities to freelance and have supported other photographer’s, forgetting about one day doing my own thing.

 However one day whilst searching for direction by praying, God dropped the name Ebony Wilkey on my heart. Ebony is short for Ebunoluwa (gift from God) and Wilkey was my grandmothers surname. The productions is because I want to develop my company past just delivering photography by using videography and much more.’’

EWP is available in to offer their services anywhere in the West Midlands and London.
Contact Details:
Instagram- Ebony Wilkey prod

Facebook- Ebony Wilkey 

Email- enquiries@ebonywilkey.com

 7, SBK Images- Anna who is the owner of SBK images grew a keen interest in photography when she attended a professional photography course with her friends one summer in 2010. Ever since she has endeavoured to capture the special moments – whether big or small – that add meaning and bring joy to life. However, she only started SBK photography ending of 2016. She believes that every moment is unique and deserves to be captured; whether spontaneous or posed, joyful or sad. Every moment is meaningful.

SBK Images provide services tailored to clients and their needs. I am currently covering London locations for the graduation season. 

Contact Details:

Instagram- SBK Images

Email: sbkpictures@gmail.com
Phone Number: 07415224671



If you offer goods or services that people will need this graduation period and will like to be featured, please contact us support@livelystones.co.uk.

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