“The problem is you have put creativity into a box.”-Tavonga in I Am A Creative Series

Is it possible to be “a creative” without a craft?

When I read on “creatives”; their personality types and behaviour patterns I relate and tick the requirements. Yet I don’t have a craft.

I’m not a musician, an artist, a poet or an actress…

Yet I feel creative in my very being.

The journey to creativity hasn’t been all hard. It has had moments of so much beauty, peace and JOY. At the end of 2016, I started identifying as a creative. Whenever I would read books or articles on creatives I would instantly feel like “that’s ME!”. But I was stuck on the idea that I didn’t have a craft; I wasn’t a musician or poet or a painter yet I felt like a creative to my very core. Until one day I felt God affirm me “The problem is you have put creativity into a box. Tavonga you are creative to your very core. YOU ARE YOUR CRAFT. You are creative in the way you love people, in the way you invite community around a table with food and laughter. You are creative in how you encourage and affirm hearts to be brave and fearless. You are creative in how you travel the world and seek adventure in every country you land. You are creative in how you create relationships that facilitate vulnerability and transparency. You are creative, and you are your craft.”

Tavongaishe-Lorraine Dakar

Tavonga is a social influencer who wants her story to compel millennials to be BOLD and BRAVE and pursue the things that set their hearts on fire. She is a traveller who wants her story to cause young black girls to pack their bags and chase wanderlust in Asia. She is also a Youtuber and public speaker.

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The ‘I am a creative’ series seeks to showcase and highlight the different ways that creativity can be expressed. Our aim is to promote and celebrate what creatives are doing, discuss topics affecting young creatives and challenge people to identify and express the creative nature within them even in unconventional and counter cultural ways.

If you will like to be part of this series, please contact us via email ( or on social media.

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