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Lightandluv is introducing to you… Soul Beauty

Hey people! I’m starting a blog series called ‘Soul beauty’. Where, I aim to explore and discuss beauty and put forward my perspective which has changed over time. I always aim to encourage individuals from both genders to believe good things about themselves. I hope for my posts to shine light and love to all readers!

Beauty: the pleasing or attractive features of (something).

I believe that universally and globally most if not all of us, desire to have physical beauty. And of course, beauty is subjective, so we all have our own different versions of beautiful which shift and change over time in our own minds. Beauty is not black and white. My aim in this soul beauty series, is really to shift our focus onto the beauty that is our souls! I’ve seen how beauty is a major problem that people are struggling with (and I have struggled and overcome this myself). It’s become a norm for people to tolerate insecurities and I’m not here for it! This internal struggle with beauty can manifest as fear, self hate, comparison, low self-esteem, mental illnesses, pressure, insecurity etc. I really hope to empower you guys in this series with perspective. I’m sure many of you would’ve heard many quotes and clichés before and they might go over your head at this point. Therefore, I hope my posts will be somewhat refreshing to your minds as I seek to be authentic and constructive about this whole matter, that you may feel a sense of peace about your beauty and the topic of beauty itself.

For now I would like to share the Bible verse 1 Peter 3:4…

‘You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.’

*first post*: insecurities start early 

Stay tuned in!

God bless


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I write a joint blog with my friend, in my posts I aim to encourage and uplift others and share positive messages. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and aim to incorporate my faith within my posts.

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