Style: Judith

Judith is a Law student at the University of Kent. She is currently on a year abroad in Shanghai, China.


Nickname: Jae

Age: 20

How would you describe your personal style? I would say my personal style is unique and reflective of where I’m going and how I feel.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your style? The biggest influence on my style has to be my faith. I’ve tried to make my style reflect how I’ve been raised to dare to be different in what I think works and at the same time be classy and confident. I have used this as a guideline in almost everything I do.

What sparked your interest in photography and fashion blogging?

I remember in year 9 deciding to take Art GCSE and as part of the curriculum was a photography section. From there my art teacher pushed me to do more and I fell in love with capturing images and telling stories through them. I was always obsessed with the glossy print of ELLE, VOGUE and many more magazines and it was the dream to one day see my name published alongside my work in a print magazine. On my 17th birthday that dream came true and from there I started to realise not only did I love photography, I also had an interest in what the stylist would pick for the models to wear and I realised the importance of style itself. I then decided to venture into the field of fashion blogging and haven’t looked back since.

How do you balance your creative side with the academic?

This I believe has been the most challenging because not only do I blog and photograph, I also co-own a media platform @thenuszn and there are many other creative ventures that I’m involved in. However, I will say that having both these creative aspirations and academic aspirations keeps me somewhat balanced in the hopes that I will make it in both fields. Achieving the balance comes with time and prioritisation.

Tell us about What was the vision behind launching your own online platform?

The vision behind was to inspire. I’m a normal girl with the same dreams as most and I just wanted to put myself out there proving that anyone can do what I have, it doesn’t matter how many people are already doing it or who has previously told you “no”, it’s all about your personal journey and your growth.

What has been your favourite thing about blogging?

Since launching, the support has been overwhelming, both from people I know and from people that I’ve never even met. My confidence has grown and I’ve met some amazing people as a result.

Describe your relationship with God in one word


If you had to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of the year, what would it be?

A jumpsuit

What impact does your faith have on your style?

My faith has a huge impact on my style. I believe it’s important to be your own person and not to drop values in efforts to follow trends.

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

God willing, I see myself expanding my photography into cinematography and bringing the business ideas God has blessed me with into fruition all with a bachelors under my belt!

Twitter: Allthingsjae


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Ayomide Akin-Oteniya

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