Tunrie’s Exam Testimony (Part 2)

Colour Conference was so much fun! It was also a refreshing break from Uni. On the second day, Dawnchere Wilkerson was preaching. Mind you, this was THREE WEEKS to my Exams. Towards the end of her sermon, she talked about a plant called the Century plant. She said, “the Century plant stays the same for years, it grows so slowly and everyone around it underestimates it, they assume it will never bring forth fruit. But within THREE WEEKS! it shoots up to twenty feet tall, it grows so tall and so high and it brings forth fruits that no one could have ever expected it could.” She said, “hunnie! you don’t know the miracle seed within you.” She said “at the right moment, God will speak to it and it will blow up into the miracle that God has planned!” She said “Just turn your eyes to Jesus and watch as he changes every thing at the right time.” I was in my seat and my mouth was wide open, I was like, this is me! This is my life! I have THREE WEEKS left to my Exams! I can do this! I can still do this! That plant is me! This is for me! I left the Conference so determined to give the next three weeks my all and just believing that God could do it.

I went back to University so happy that I had attended the conference. I finally understood the ‘faith work’ my friend was talking about. I had to first believe that God could come through and He would crown all my efforts. I needed to stop trying to do everything in my own strength. To get a 76% average, I either had to have all firsts- with marks above the 76 mark- in all my modules or; all firsts and a mark as high as a 90 in one of my courses. So I picked my Evidence coursework, which I was working on that day in the library. I brought out a flashcard and I wrote “Evidence 95% Golden Egg” I said my Evidence coursework was going to be my Golden Egg, it was going to be the grade that would give me my first class degree. I was going to have a 95 on it. There was this verse that said “write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it, for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it because it will surely come.” I still have the flashcard where I wrote ‘Evidence 95’ on. I wrote it down, believing God could do it.

This time around, I wasn’t just working hard like my first semester, I was faithing it too! I prayed before I started studying or writing any of my essays, and before I made any decision regarding my work. I was constantly asking God for strength and guidance in every single thing I did. I remember getting back to my room after a long day at the library, and I was unpacking my bag, and I brought out the flashcard where I had written ‘Evidence 95’ I remember a voice laughing in my head and telling me to tear it and that who was I kidding to believe I could get a mark in the nineties in law. I remembered how in my first year, a lecturer was going through the marking scheme/ grade descriptors and he had told us to disregard the 80-100 marking range because it was impossible in law. He said ‘lets start from 70′, and he told us the requirements for marks in the 70s. Like things couldn’t get any worse, one of my tutors was going through my transcript one day and he said “you should be happy Tunrie, with the way things are going, you’d finish with a 2:1” Was I deceiving myself believing a First Class was still possible? Nah I served a bigger God. I never tore that flashcard, I kept it and I still have it until this day.

I was determined to give that semester the very best! In the past, when sharing my journey, I tended to undermine how hard I worked on my degree because I thought that if I didn’t, it meant that, I was trying to take the glory for my degree when it was really God’s. But growth has made me realize that working hard in itself is a testimony, because that kind of hard work requires strength that can only come from God. So did I work hard on my law degree? Very! I literally gave my final year everything I had. I barely slept. There were times when I felt like giving up but God gave me the strength to keep on going. In the last three weeks of my degree, I worked so hard! I gave all my coursework every thing I had, every single one of them, and my exams too. This was the final push!  I didn’t hand in any of my coursework until I was sure I had done everything I could. I worked very hard on my exams too. Three weeks went by and I handed in my coursework and I wrote my exam. Then, final year came to an end.

Fast-forward to a month after that, I was sitting in a law school class, my results were coming out that day and I didn’t know what to expect. I COULD NOT FOCUS, all I could think of were my results. But after all my fear, I came to a position of complete trust where I believed that God had got me no matter what and I had nothing to fear. When I checked my results, I had a first class on all my assessments in my final semester, I said earlier that I prayed for all firsts in my first semester but it didn’t happen. The verse which I mentioned earlier says “the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it because it will surely come.” I didn’t get my prayer in my first semester, but I got it in my second semester when it mattered the most. God was listening all along. Not only that, I had a 90% on my Evidence Coursework, a grade that had never been given in the School of Law at the time. It was the highest mark in the cohort. On the feedback for my essay, my lecturer, a published author and reputed academic had written, “What a way to finish your degree. Thank you so much for producing something so impressive in my module. I’m proud to have taught you.” Wait a minute! My teacher was thanking me? Who was I?

That year, my average was not the 76% I thought was so impossible, my God gave them one more, I had achieved a 77% average! And to crown it all, I had achieved a First Class Degree with honours! I later learnt that I was one of the few people in my entire year that achieved this feat. I remember refreshing the web page of my results so many times because I couldn’t believe it. At the end of the day, God came through for me. He said He would do it and He did it. I remember seeing my grades and I couldn’t believe it. I was so overwhelmed. All the stress was worth it, all the hard work, all the sleepless nights. Achieving this feat has brought so many opportunities into my life. Most recently, I got accepted into the University of Oxford’s masters in law programme- the Oxford BCL and I will be starting in September of this year. I have also been called to the Nigerian Bar and I am currently a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court.

I was planning to go on with my life and not share this journey but I believe that there might be someone out there that needs this, even if it’s just one person that is encouraged- that’s enough for me.

Tunrie is a 22 year old law graduate living in London. She loves writing, art, photography and travelling. To find out more about Tunrie, check out her blog, which is dedicated to empowering university students by providing practical tips, advice and lessons on how to excel in their chosen fields.

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