‘What does Jesus mean to you?’ is an amazing project by Abigail Mekonen where men and women of all races, ages, backgrounds and nationalities have come together to share their love for Jesus Christ and put into words what exactly Jesus means to them.

When speaking about the inspiration behind the video, Abigail had this to say:

“I have so many amazing people in my life that love the Lord and live for Him. I think it’s so beautiful to see young adults picking up their cross and following Jesus wholeheartedly. If I asked the question, “What do we mean to Jesus?” there wouldn’t be enough words or time to comprehend the answer. Instead, I asked, “What does Jesus mean to you?” because through this video, I really wanted to highlight that everyone, no matter what background, age or ethnicity can call on the name of Jesus. He represents something different to every person; each of our walks are personal and unique but the underlying message is that He is alive in our lives and we are immensely loved by Him. My prayer is that everyone, right across the globe would know this”

Check out the incredible video and be blessed!

Contact Abigail-
Instagram: Abigail mekonen

YouTube: Abigail mekonen

Email: abigail_mekonen@hotmail.com

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