Working for Christ

Working for Christ

Hey people,

In this post I’m going to be speaking about working for our Lord Jesus Christ!

‘Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.’ Colossians 3:23

Working for God is a real part of the Christian walk… I think many times when people come to God they soon tend to find themselves backsliding or losing the motivation and zeal to maintain their walk intentionally, this may be a result of forgetting that there is mission we have in Christ.

Working for God and our purpose go hand in hand. Think about it, after we get saved and we become new creations, following this, the rest of our lives aren’t just excess years to wait around aimlessly. But, when we come to Christ we have new aims!

We need to become intentional about our walk and focus on what it is that God has intended for us to do as individuals. Because purpose is real, it’s not just a fancy term that people say to feel like they’re doing something on Earth. But, our God given purpose is what makes the days and years of our walk have direction and meaning.

We should start to perceive that we are working for God and advancing the Kingdom of God. When we use our gifts and impact others it isn’t about staying in God’s good books, because we didn’t earn salvation in the first place. Working for God, is for His glory.

Working: effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. Whenever we work on something we do it for a result. Everything we do in Christ is for a result that God intends to bring about through us as a vessel.

‘Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.’ 2 Timothy 2:21

When God works through us, it’s for someone else and we cannot always know how exactly the person receives what God wants to extend to someone through our gifting. That’s something we need to accept, that sometimes we gotta plant seeds and bounce. We cannot stay stuck on one move of God and make it about ourselves and how amazing our gift is and what do others think about it. Because, it is not about us… For example, when we go to the doctors and the doctor prescribes us with medication. As a patient rarely do we start thinking about the doctor and how amazing they are for being a doctor. Because we go to the doctor with a need and to receive a solution from them because they are equipped to supply it… But even still, they only give us the prescription and we are responsible for taking it, the doctor cannot do both the giving and receiving part.

A good way to think of Christianity is the Church being like a hospital and us as believers are doctors who God trains to heal and edify others through our gifts. This analogy is only intended to help us as believers to have more understanding of our role here on Earth. As it is easy to take pride in our gifts and lose sight of their purpose being for the benefit of others.

“Fall in love with the gift giver not the gift”

Thank you for reading, these are all things I need to learn myself!

I hope you were blessed by this post!

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